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Performance Wheels & Tires

On the road, performance wheels and tires mean more horsepower and better performance. Off-Road, performance wheels and tires are big tough and agressive to get you anywhere your adventiure takes you. All performance wheels & tires are available immediately. Schedule your installation at Ginter's Full Service Auto today!
Ginter's Performance Wheels & Tires
Ginter's Performance Wheels and tires

Performance Tires

Depending on whether you’ll be driving on a twisty road-racing circuit or a straight highway, a set of sticky tires can be worth 50, 100, or even more horsepower. Slippery tires won’t allow a car to translate its power advantage into cornering force and acceleration. The same sense while in your off-road vehicle. Off-road tires are big, tough and aggressive. They dig through loose gravel, sand or mud and claw their way over hills and rocks, taking you wherever your off-road adventure leads. As with any tire selection, you should choose the one that is best suited to the type of driving you do and the level of performance you want out of your vehicle, both on and off road.

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Performance Wheels

Not only do they make your ride look great but wheels and rims also play performance rolls as well. Aluminum or Alloy wheels are popular among the performance enthusiasts due to their weight reduction capability. These rims reduce the overall weight by 30%, which gives your ride a better power to weight ratio, making better use of all the horses at its disposal. Wheels and rims also play an active role in cooling. A properly designed rim can direct airflow to the calipers and rotors, enhancing their natural cooling ability. Aftermarket rims increase your car’s value, apart from lending performance enhancement.

Check out just SOME of the MANY performance wheels available below!
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